Sonoma Returns From East Coast With Three Wins

Sonoma Returns From East Coast With Three Wins

Rohnert Park, CA  – While most college students flocked to the warm sunny beaches of Cabo for spring break the Sonoma state men’s lacrosse team went to the bitter cold of Virginia. The trip started early Friday morning with the team bus leaving at 4:30 am. Once in Virginia the team came to the very obvious conclusion that this was definitely not Cabo like weather.

The wind was howling and the temperature was low when the Seawolves faced off against the George Washington (GW) squad in their first game of the trip. The game started off sloppy and stayed that way with the weather taking a toll on the passing and catching abilities of both teams. Sonoma opened the scoring in the first quarter and was able to jump out to a 5-0 lead.  As the temparatures dipped, the scoring dipped for both teams with a combined 4 goals being scored to finish out the final three quarters.  Sonoma got a hat trick from senior Tyler Yamamotto and 8 saves from goalie Noah Alford to lead the team.

The next day SSU faced off against a University of New Hampshire (UNH) team who was playing in their first game of the season. Once again the temperature was bone-chillingly cold but it seemed that this didn’t bother either team as much as the day before. The Seawolves found themselves in a shootout with UNH that required extra time to finally resolve with the Seawolves coming out on top. This was a gut check for the Seawolves who were down 3 goals going into the final minute of the game. With goals from senior Tyler Yamamotto, senior Connor Chenault, and sophomore Angelo Lagomarsino. The game was forced into overtime. In overtime a loose ball in front of the goal found its way into Connor Chenalt. stick and he finished it for the game-winning goal making the score 14-13. This was another quality win and gave the Seawolves a huge wave of momentum going forward.

After the UNH game the SSU men’s lacrosse team had a few days to take in the sights of the beautiful Washington DC. On Monday the team took the metro train to Arlington cemetery to pay their respects to those who have fallen in the line of duty and got to witness the legendary changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier.After the cemetery the boys were given free reign to take in some of the sights on the mall including the monuments and museums that D.C. is known for.

The next day was a little more serious with the Seawolves getting out in the snow for practice in preparation for the nationally ranked Liberty team. After a very productive and fun practice the team had some more quality bonding time going bowling with one another. After bowling the team got some much needed rest and had positional meetings before the biggest game of the trip on Wednesday

Wednesday brought with it more of the same when it came to weather with the wind blowing and the temperatures low. Although the weather was cold the play on the field was red hot. With solid performances from both the SSU offense and defense. The Seawolves put in 9 goals throughout the game while the defense held strong only letting in 8 goals to the Flames of Liberty,  With 3 of those coming late in the fourth quarter.

This topped off a very successful business trip for the Sonoma state squad.  The Seawolves are back on campus and face #3 Grand Canyon University on Friday March 26 at Sonoma State.  Go Seawolves!